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Our company is a professional stainless steel manufacturer in rich of experience. We have a big warehouse and specialize in the stainless steel sheet / plate, coil, bar/rod, pipe /tube and other products etc.304/304L Stainless Steel Square Tubing – ASTM A-554 Square Larger square ornamental tubing can be produced to meet your requirements. We offer 304 square steel tube in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Providing you the best range of aisi 1018 pipes / sae 1018 square pipes / 1018 round pipes, 304 stainless steel pipe, 304l stainless steel pipe, alloy seamless pipe, alloy steel pipes and alloy steel seamless pipe with effective & timely delivery.


stainless steel square tubing size
Thickness 0.4mm to 10mm

□7×7 □8×8 □10×10 □12×12 □15×15 □15.8×15.8 □16×16 □19×19 □20×20 □22×22 □25×25 □28×28 □30×30 □35×35 □38×38 □40×40 □50×50 □60×60 □70×70 □76.2×76.2 □80×80 □90×90 □100×100 □120×120 □125×125 □150×150  □200×200mm or others more large sizes according to requirement.
stainless rectangular tube size
Thickness 0.4mm to 10mm

口5×10 口5×15 口10×20 口10×25 口10×30 口10×40 口10×50 口10×60 口10×70 口10×90 口10×100 口11×35 口12.7×25.4 口13×25 口 15×25 口15×30 口15×35 口15×40 口15×50 口15×60 口15×70 口15×80 口15×90 口15×100 口16×32 口20×30 口20×40 口20×50 口20×60 口20×70 口20×80 口20×90 口20×100 口20×120 口20×150 口20×200 口25×40 口25×50 口25×60 口25×70 口25×80 口25×90 口25×100 口25×115 口25×135 口25×155 口30×40 口30×50 口30×60 口30×70 口30×80 口30×90 口30×110 口30×130 口30×150 口40×50 口40×60 口40×70 口40×80 口40×100 口40×120 口40×140 口40×168 口40×210 口45×60 口45×75 口45×95 口50×60 口50×75 口50.8×76.2 口50×100 口50×120 口50×125 口50×150 口50×200 口60×80 口60×100 口60×120 口60×140 口60×150 口60×200 口70×90 口70×100 口70×110 口70×130 口70×140 口70×150 口70×180 口75×100 口75×125 口75×150 口75×175 口80×90 口80×100 口80×120 口80×140 口80×160 口80×170 口90×110 口90×120 口90×130 口90×150 口100×120 口100×140 口100×150 口100×200 口110×130 口110×150 口120×140 口120×180 口120×200 口125×175 口130×170MM

Or other special requirement sizes according to customer.


stainless rectangular pipe and Square tube Standard and Grade:


ASTM A554 Standard Specification for Welded Stainless Steel Mechanical Tubing
MT-301 MT-302 MT-304 MT-304L MT-305 MT-309S
MT-309S-CB MT-310S MT-316 MT-316L MT-317 MT-321
MT-330 MT-347 MT-429 MT-430 MT-430TI 409
434 436 444 410S
TP201 TP201LN TP304 TP304L TP304H TP304N
TP304LN TP309S TP309H TP310S TP310Cb TP310HCB
TP309HCB TP316 TP316H TP316TI TP316N TP316LN
TP317 TP317L TP321 TP321H TP347 TP347H
TP347LN TP348 TP348H 800 800H 2205
2507 410 444 904l

Or others special requirement grade.


Delivery time: 15-25days


Our high quality stainless steel pipes and stainless steel tube products exhibit greater corrosion resistance, high strength, durability, and machining ability. Stainless steel pipes and stainless steel tubes are most widely used in petrochemical plants, oil and gas equipments, heat exchanger equipment EUR(TM)s, sea water applications, pharmaceuticals, general fabrication purposes, chemical processing equipment, food and beverage industry and water treatments plants. Stainless steel pipes and tubes are used for water and oil and gas transmission as they can withstand harsh climatic conditions and high internal and external pressure.



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