Stainless automatic welded steel pipes.


The stainless steel automatic welded pipe is a stainless steel belt fixed on the machine table, automatically extruded by the machine and welded once.

The thickness is more thick,machine tools and welding equipment investment will be greater.

Advantages of stainless steel automatic welded pipe is in the following:

1. The roundness (ellipse) error is small normally within 5 wires and can be customized.



2.The curvature and concentricity error is small, normally within 15, especially when used with car parts and axle products.



3. The thickness of the finished steel pipe is uniform. The tolerance of the positive difference below 3mm is within 0.07m, and the tolerance of the difference above 3mm is 0.25mm.



4. The length of stainless steel pipe can be arbitrarily determined according to customer requirements ,which reducing cutting loss and time.



5. The automatic welding seam is firm and not easy to crack



6.Less slag inclusions and less pores in stainless welds, especially the chance of leakage



7. The processing time is short and Stainless welded pipe can produced immediately.


8. Customizable non-standard size, low mold cost



9.The cost of stainless steel welded pipe is much lower than that stainless steel seamless pipe.


Therefore, stainless steel automatic welded steel pipe is the best choice to use at low pressure fluid equipment.

What is stainless steel automatic welded pipe?

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