ASTM A213 TP304H Seamless heat exchanger tubes manufacturer

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ASTM A213 TP304H Seamless heat exchanger tubes manufacturer
ASTM A213 TP304H Seamless heat exchanger tubes manufacturer

ASTM A213 TP304H specification: This Standard Specification are for Seamless Ferritic and Austenitic Alloy-Steel Boiler Superheater and Heat-Exchanger Tubes.


This specification covers seamless ferritic and austenitic steel boiler, superheaterand heat-exchanger tubes. The Mainly Grade are TP201 TP202 XM19 TP304 TP304L TO304H TP304N TP304LN TP309S TP309H TP310S, TP310H TP316,TP316L, TP316H, TP316TI, TP316N,TP316LN, TP317, TP317L, TP3221,TP321H, TP347 TP347H, TP348, TP348H andTP444.

Ryin Stainless factory is specialized in suppling welded pipe and seamless stainless pipes. All of A213 TP304H tubes are made by the seamless process and are either hot finished or cold finished as specified. Heat treatment shall be carried out separately and in addition to heating for hot forming.
All of austenitic stainless tubes shall be furnished in the heat treatment condition and shall be heat treated in accordance with the requirement of A213 Standards.

A213 TP304H seamless tubes production range:

Thickness: 0.5mm to 50mm
OD:10mm to 2500mm


A213 TP304H seamless tubes Tolerance:


Permitted Variations in Average Wall Thickness for Hot Formed Tubes
Tolerance in %, from specified
NPS [DN] Designator Over Under
1⁄8 to 21⁄2 [6 to 65] incl, all t/D ratiosA 20 12.5
Above 21⁄2 [65], t/D # 5 %A 22.5 12.5
Above 21⁄2 [65], t/D > 5 %A 15 12.5
A t = specified wall thickness D = specified outside diameter




A213 TP304H seamless tubes Chemical Composition

Chemical Composition % Austenitic and Ferritic Stainless Seamless tube
Grade UNS C Mn P S Si Cr
A213 TP304H S30409 0.04-0.08 2.0 0.045 0.030 1 18-20
Ni Mo N Ni Ti




A213 TP304H seamless tubes Property:


Tensile and Hardness Requirements  A213 TP304H Seamless pipes
Grade UNS Tensile Yield Elongation Hardness
A213 TP304H S30409 min min mikn HBW HRB Max
515 205 35
192 90



A213 TP304H Equal grade:

You can use the A213 TP304H or SA312 TP304H or A312 TP301 Seamless pipes


A213 TP304H seamless tubes Delivery time: 20days.

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